Training & Validation

Quasar has established a training facility which makes it possible for you to send members of your lab to our state-of-the-art training facility in Colorado Springs for a two week intensive program. We utilize the same advanced-grade equipment that your staff will be using in your lab, which results in a more effective learning curve. Our training program is PACE certified and upon completion of training, the student(s) receive certification and continuing education credits.

In addition, our experience with trainees clearly shows that the person(s) you select to participate in the training must have an incredible levelĀ of “attention to detail” and real attention to the total “process”. Laboratory failures are rarely caused by failure of the apparatus. The most sensitive area of the “process” of the lab operation, the one most likely to create success or failure, is your personnel.

One additional benefit of sending your technician to Colorado Springs for training is that this can take place prior to or concurrently with your lab being completed and the mass spectrometer installation accomplished. The timing of these potentially concomitant activities demand process management and cooperative installation.

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