Scope of Business Offerings

The Quasar Companies is pleased to offer an extensive array of laboratory-related products and services. Our web store offers scientific and laboratory equipment from Pipettes to Centrifuges, Balances, Heating Baths, Pumps, all the way to Laboratory Furniture.

If you are interested in fully equipping a laboratory, we can design and supply virtually every piece of equipment you may require.

Quasar can also serve as your Method Developer, Technical Advisor, and under many circumstances, can maintain remote oversight of your laboratory operations – daily.

Quasar provides state-of-the-art, continuing education accredited, training for your laboratory personnel at our facilities in Colorado Springs. Hands-on training on the same equipment your personnel will use at your own facility.

And, as indicated elsewhere, Quasar Precision Medical Analytics runs its own clinical testing laboratory for urine drug testing to provide transitional and back-up opportunities for clients.

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