Documentation Guide for Lab Development

We have a significant amount of experience in the implementation of a clinical testing laboratory and are happy to offer our expertise and guidance. Getting any lab up and running can be daunting. It is a multi-tiered project involving multiple parties working and collaborating on a number of levels.

Instituting any lab is best achieved by following a step-by-step process and maintaining rigorous adherence to the order and fulfillment of each step. As a rough analogy, compare it to the preflight checklist a pilot must preform prior to takeoff. Each step is in its particular order for a reason and each step must be completed before moving on to the next.

This arduous step-by-step process is paralleled in the manner in which the lab will be run. Your laboratory technician must have the knowledge and the skills to follow a stringent process. The discussion chapters provided here are intended to provide an overview of what is entailed in a laboratory setup.

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There are many things to consider about the reality of instituting a clinical testing laboratory. Here, we help define some key points of consideration.


Your laboratory personnel are a critical aspect to the successful operations of your lab. There are specific positions that will need to be placed, as well as appropriate training.


Every participating body must play its part. Use this as an overview of some of the roles and responsibilities that will need to be addressed.


Validation can seem like a scary complicated process, but we are here to help. We have outlined and described the elements of validation that will need to be accomplished.


Cash flow and ROI are two terms you’ll hear mentioned a lot. This provides an overview description of how both of these factors are influenced.


Case study examples of how finances can work.


There are important things to consider regarding the nature and number of analytes on your panel, as well as the dynamics of the type of lab you are planning on operating.


A breakdown of billing codes and reimbursement amounts.