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Trust is something that is earned. But exactly what are the qualities that warrant trust? Some are easy to name. Honesty. Integrity. Accountability. Respect. Trust is fostered by character that is reinforced over time by many small actions. Quasar Companies has been in business for 40 years, and while Quasar Instruments and Quasar Precision Medical Analytics have seven and three years of institution, respectively, the same holds true: Our longevity has demonstrated our corporate endurance as illustrated through our focus on our values and our customers, the staples of our character. We are a family business and therein lies the embodiment of a commitment to faithfully doing what is right.

We understand the business of doing business in this industry. Recently, we instated our own clinical testing laboratory and as we are now engaging in the same business as many of our customers, we can better understand and anticipate our customers’ needs and advise them accordingly.

We are trusted for our character, our way of being, and our understanding of the industry.

Scope of Business Offerings

We offer a range of business services from which you can choose.

Web Store

Visit our web store for easy ordering and fast shipping on your lab supplies.

Training and Validation

We offer a two-week intensive validation training program onsite at our own laboratory facilities.

Documentation Guide for Lab Development

The process of setting up a lab, whether it be a clinical reference lab or a physician office lab, is a daunting task comprised of many moving pieces. We can help you navigate the ins and outs of this process.

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